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Jefferson Duval - Founder, Inside Start

Jefferson Duval - Founder, Inside Start

This coaching is my most concentrated gift and expertise to give back to my community and the world by reaching as many people as possible to stop settling and stand for their gifts and purpose.

Your time is more important than my story, so I’m most curious to hear from you if you’re struggling to make time an asset rather than a liability, and are ready to leverage up to get yourself focused and disciplined so you’ve got no room for doubt about how you’re living your life and running your business from a place that aligns with your deepest purpose and values. It makes ALL the difference.

I’m an artist. What I mean is that I thrive on staying creative and that’s always been true. Whether it’s being creative with ideas, materials, modalities, trying new things and evolving to become better in action, focus, discipline and the overall outcome of my life, or experimenting, writing or drawing to create more harmony in my mind and action. This includes ‘failing forward’, and continually learning from my mistakes - what a gift!

The first person I ever helped was, well me. I pulled myself out of some rough conditions as a teen. With natural self-reflectivity and knack for self-education, I saw the need to transform my relationships and actions away from where my conditioning was pointing me towards, and the limited options I saw all around.
Through keeping journals, learning through reading and creativity and staying curious and going to work early as a kid, I broke free of the patterns that were binding forces in the lives of people around me. I took the risk to leave my comfort zone at the age of 15 and this set me on a lasting foundation for intentional growth.

I’m passionate about studying the underlying structure and patterns of limitations people have adapted and created that keep them from being as incredibly resourceful and successful as they know they can be. What’s common about these patterns is by innocent strategic design, they hold back the unique gifts and genius of a person - for a reason - until they are ready, honest, and often fed up enough to change. Individual by individual, it’s being an usher of transformation in people’s lives and business and profession that drives me.

It’s my belief that part of our work in running a business or excelling in a profession is to uncover what our gifts, strengths and true “medicine” are as it applies to the greater communities we serve. It’s our job to learn to take care of ourselves powerfully, and in so doing serve others powerfully. I’ve been at it now for nearly 30 years and continue to learn, grow, develop and serve the world in this way.

Many professionals have a gift they may be aware of, but have either not seen a way or actively avoid applying structure to better allow it to express through their profession or business. In this way many people unconsciously play victim to staying stuck, it’s not their fault but it is their responsibility to make a shift. They actively criticize themselves for not having more discipline, or not doing ‘it’ right. I’ve made my own way through these waters, and the larger capacity a person has that opens up on the other side is life changing.

To serve others, it’s my truth that we must become a disciple to our goals and greater vision of ourselves through uncovering clarity of purpose, and the daily discipline to manage our time, hone our focus and reclaim the sacredness of our attention in action. This is a commitment to structure. When this relationship is forged, day by day, brick by brick, we then learn to have greater flow in both what we do and how we manage it. We can live connected and meaningful lives with a tremendous amount of resource for ourselves, our families and our businesses, and inspire others into greater resourcefulness.

Entrepreneurial and Training Background

My first business was at age 19, cleverly called Edible Landscaping serving communities outside of Philadelphia with a partner. Let’s just say this is where I learned to ‘fail forward’!
From there I moved into the skilled trades, high end residential painting, and then finish carpentry and general contracting. I moved to the West Coast in 1999 and worked as a carpenter for 2 years until I formed a Residential High End Remodeling Company and ran that along with 2 partners until 2004.

From there I scaled down and worked independently running smaller projects until moving to Southern Oregon in 2009, where I was scouted by e-myth worldwide and trained as a holistic small business coach in their international coaching network where I quickly excelled.
During that time I coached, was coached, mentored new coaches, presented and led new coach trainings. I served over 50 small business owners in long term coaching engagements in that time. I left e-myth in late 2015 to forge my own unique and focused coaching approach.

I began by studying with Judith Glaser in her incredible work in communications and company culture which she titled Conversational Intelligence® and deepened my learning around how the science of the brain and neurology gives context for change in language and it’s impact on conversations, collaboration and innovation.

This work along with constant independent study and receiving of coaching myself led me to intensive study and training in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). I am currently an ABNLP Certified Master Practitioner and Master Coach of NLP, as well as a Certified Trainer of NLP.

I now coach from an empowerment model serving entrepreneurs/business owners and professionals. This is distinct from many coaching models in that I work from clearly defined outcomes within clearly defined time frames.
That means no long term, ill-defined relationship where I become a potential crutch for you and your business. You’re the leader, and applied experience is the best teacher. You have everything you need inside yourself to succeed - I get you there quickly and efficiently, and we measure the results.
I also offer breakthrough sessions in as little as 8 hours of coaching. Yes, lasting change can initiate quickly when it’s integrated with full commitment!

I’m here to learn how you think, help you shift your mindset and then through focused action and behavior get real results. You will receive a personalized strategy, system of accountability with the right tools to achieve results as fast as possible.

My experiences with so many business owners and individuals over the years has taught me that personal development = professional growth. Any attempt to separate these two is a big part of many entrepreneur’s challenges.

I live in Southern Oregon with my beautiful and gifted wife and daughter.


I look forward to meeting you and offering the support to get through the obstacles that have stifled you, to access greater choice and wholeness. Most of all to create with intention the life you are driven to create.


Professional Background

  • ABNLP Certified Master Coach and Practitioner of NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner

  • Certified Trainer of NLP

  • Conversational Intelligence© C-IQ Enhanced Skills Coach.

  • 5 Years as a Certified EMyth Business Coach/Coach Trainer/Presenter

  • Principle: Nestbuild -Construction and Remodeling Service.

  • Co-Founder: Derezsynski-Duval and Associates. High End Residential Construction

  • Co-Founder: Edible Landscaping


  • Volunteer/Former Board Member - Alliance of Generations - Selective prevention and youth community based mentoring in Southern Oregon.

  • Former Volunteering - Inside Circle Foundation -Cultivating Emotional Literacy and Behavioral Change Training in California Prisons.


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