Clients who come into my program and coaching get the results they came for, period.

You’re in the right place if:

  1. You’re fed up with piece meal solutions, ‘life-hacks’, and the cult of personality driven solutions that promise to make you into a leader, as long as you follow them - the ‘thought leaders’.

  2. You work your ass off, and aren’t getting real and measurable traction toward your goals, or don’t have goals…

  3. You hate to admit it, but you’re distracted and don’t have the control of your attention and focus you say you want, and you’re ready to do something about it now.

  4. You’re “comfortable” in overwhelm, have a lot of stamina, but know something has to change. In fact, you may well know exactly what you need to do to change, but aren’t able to do it.

  5. You’re ready to make changes to grow.

As you think about what needs to change, this will include putting an end to procrastinating, an end to any unconscious addiction to overwhelm, consciously confronting what's been scaring you and acting in the face it. You’re ready to work in the coaching process when you’re serious about getting into alignment so you can finally run your business from a place of purpose.

Look, this won’t be easy, but much will be simplified as you get down to what’s most important. If it were easy - you’d have already done it, right?

If you’re ready to take 100% joyful responsibility for your choices and relationships as they express through your business and find out how good it feels to live in congruence - walk your talk, let's have a conversation. 


What you practice, is who you are. 
How you do anything, is how you do everything. 
Everything you're hiding, or hiding from, is actively seeking you out. 

Are you walking your talk? Can you look back at your week, month, quarter and track the progress of your development? Are you aware of the daily baby steps you're taking, and therefore how your work or business is in alignment with your truest expression? 

If you're frustrated over your current relationship to keeping your commitments, being able to plan and execute in your day, to knowing what to prioritize in the current state of your business, or feeling out of alignment with where your business is headed, in this you're not unique and you're not alone.

I help people get clear on their strengths and in active relationship with their resistance, so they begin developing awareness, better thinking and actions and ultimately into a state of feeling purposely in alignment with creating the results and state of wellbeing they want.

In the process we discover the narratives and stories where most every conflict lives. We uncover the inner saboteur, and discover the gifts they once intended, and then create new pathways that allow greater acceptance, connection and self-knowledge. By facing what it means and all that's required for you to lead yourself, you open to greater 'inner real estate' and responsibility for the freedom you seek. 

If you're frustrated by what you experience as your employees not performing to the level you know is possible, recurring cycles of turnover where you're the only one who can execute at the level you're committed to. I can help you end this cycle by teaching you how to slow down your thinking and get to the causal level of the real issues. With this you'll learn how to train others to do the same so your culture becomes an empowering, collaborative, and creative environment. I help owners rebuild their recruiting and hiring processes to attract the right people with the right skills and attitudes that are always a work in progress, ultimately getting them into the right seats in the business.

Are you open to looking at different perspectives on challenging situations you may think you know why are happening, but continue to happen? Ready to commit to cultivating a training mindset and have a new experience around what self-discipline can be - based on what's personally meaningful to you? Would you like to connect your inward journey of a meaningful and purpose driven life with the business you've created and people who make it come alive? 

No two people or businesses are the same. This coaching is tailor made for your needs, based on extensive conversations and assessment done prior to any paid engagement. It's designed and adaptable so that by the time you begin coaching, you know you're in the right place. 

You want your business to grow. You know things need to change, and you know what you know. Here, it’s your willingness to not know that opens all the doors.

If you're still reading, you’re serious about getting support, you’re looking for a way through a difficult spot, a challenging time or phase in your life or business, or a blind spot you know is there but haven’t identified. Or you know and can feel that you're not accessing your potential or giftedness as a professional, as a leader, as a person. It could be that you’re feeling disconnected from what’s meaningful in your business or position, that your life is uncomfortable and compartmentalized. You may be feeling stuck in cycles of overwhelm or over-responsibility to others. You might feel isolated in your work life and generally disconnected from meaningful relationships. Or perhaps you’re stuck in the way you relate to your work, employees or peers, your state of health, and know deep down you can do more to access your own resourceful way of overcoming challenges and executing towards your goals. 

Whatever you’ve tried, it hasn’t gotten to something really fundamental for you. Whether it be past coaching, life-hacking, online forums, daily reminders, perpetual reading, cultivating happiness, meditation, and any number of ways that haven't landed the balance you're looking for. You're in the right place to make an honest exploration and inventory. 

I want to know your story, your language, how you talk with yourself and others, and how you got to this point. Not just the surface story or conversations, the ones in your head, the one’s that limit and separate, that ‘think’ they know what the ‘real issues’ are.

I gladly admit that my life isn’t balanced, so I have no claim or offer for you to achieve that mysterious balance. And I’ve been in most of the situations above, and if I haven’t been in them, I’ve supported others to move away from these symptomatic treatments of fulfillment, through tailor made coaching into a place of self-acceptance and aligned purposeful actions.

Instead of seeking a state of balance, I'm walking through life as a constant and ongoing balancing. You could see it as walking a tightrope, whether it’s 1000 ft off the ground or 1 inch. Balancing our work inside of our lives includes how we’re often swinging mid-air between trapeze bars, literally in between places of solid ground and understanding, learning new skills and attaining goals. And with all of this, I've found with myself and with clients that we're often unequipped to be able to accept what our choices, conscious or not have brought about. 

My experience, successes, failures, joys and sorrows have shown me that all of our perceived problems exist at the level of our relationships to them. You're not going to avoid challenges, obstacles, or rough times, it's learning how to relate to these things in new ways that also uncovers your deeper abilities and sense of purpose.

From this perspective it’s both the result or outcome you’re striving for and the way you walk on the path every day that determine your change or growth. The little commitments add up to big changes. 

Top it off with the fact that the world is so damn busy with media based messages and businesses literally fighting for your attention. I want you to consider that your attention and focus are simply the single greatest resource you have. Though it may not be easy to reign it in, it's possible and reaps big dividends. 

The world is constantly fighting for your attention. So what are you doing with yours: diluting it with the illusion of multitasking moving from task to task, or consciously investing and nurturing this greatest resource?

We pay with our attention.

Let’s break this down: If you’re still... reading this, you’re paying attention, well partially at least right? Think of your attention as a currency, something you constantly spend wherever it goes or lands from a place of intention, innocent ignorance or avoidance. Please, take a few minutes and really think about where and what you spend your attention on in a given day. Can you really ever do more than one thing at a time? If this is all you take away from this visit, a beginning inquiry into where you spend your attention and the ensuing outcomes - great.

And if you’re still with me, consider that your attention can also be intentionally invested. It can be sharpened and directed so that you’re playing a longer game with your choices. A life where attention serves as a honed ally that you can apply to challenges, difficulties, limitations, passions, new skills and experiences, all of what's personally meaningful and that serves the greater collective. You’ve likely heard of the concept of putting off immediate gratification for long term satisfaction, that's an aspect of reclaiming your attention and focus.
Take a minute to acknowledge where this is already true for you in even having your business, a cherished relationship, or an expertise or skill you've built over many years. 

So let's have a conversation if what I've described, and what my clients say speak to where you're currently hitting a limit. You'll leave the call with insights and direct actions, and an applicable perspective on training that if you choose, will change the game you're playing. 

Together we’ll deconstruct and open new pathways in your thinking, apply the right tools for the job, then build a customized plan for your personally defined success.