Working with Jefferson without exaggeration has been life and business altering.

From my very first conversation, he was able to earn my trust and respect with his heart based approach, his sharing of lived experiences, and his knack for asking strategic questions.

Each question he’s asked me over the course of our work together over the years has invited me into deep, (and be forewarned I mean REALLY DEEP) parts of my being, exposed me to blindspots I may have been unaware of or aware but not ready to face, and opened up dormant wells of wisdom, creativity, and passion.

As a result of working with Jefferson, I’m able to lead from a much more confident and grounded place. I’m able to contextualize my challenges as a business owner and their solutions from a new and empowering paradigm and get less in my own way. Most importantly, Jefferson has helped me create an intentional organization that meets its highest needs as it grows while allowing me to stay focused on living my own best life.

For any founder, entrepreneur or executive feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated and know that you are capable of SO MUCH more in your organization and in your own life you need to have Jefferson in your corner.
— Zeyad Ramadan, Imancipate
“My work with Jefferson was transformational. I do not use that term lightly. Timing always is a factor however, Jefferson’s unique tool kit, extensive knowledge and emotional intelligence allowed him to guide me through a process that shifted my life experience.
I am a firm believer in having humor be a part of any coaching/transformative process and Jefferson brings it well. He coaches from his lived experience and does so with a firm connection between “head and heart”.
Jefferson is intelligent, very well read, creative and an expert at combining the right approach with the right tools and processes to address whatever issues you face. I Cannot recommend him highly enough.”
— Rich Schaeff, Corporate trainer of Diversity and Inclusivity, Owner of Schaeff Consulting, Executive Coach and Facilitator
I hired Jefferson to help me flesh out the particulars of a business that I had been mulling for years. I honestly was not sure what to expect as I hadn’t received his type of coaching before. I can tell you that what I received was far more than I could have ever imagined.

Jefferson’s methodologies are highly structured, fluid, fun, and took me well out of my comfort zone. He challenged me to use my imagination more freely and confront hidden beliefs about doubts. I was writing, reflecting and clarifying daily for two months, with Jefferson cheering me on, allowing me plenty of space, while providing the feedback and accountability necessary for real results. By the end of the prescribed time of our engagement, I had the result I came for, a clear vision statement and a road map to my dreams.

For those who might think it is too expensive, I say this: Do not calculate total cost divided by the number of coaching hours, it goes way beyond that and is an investment in something much bigger. Jefferson spends as much time as needed reviewing your work along with feedback, making personalized videos just for you.
Not only is he available in between sessions if anything urgent comes up, he might even text you at 12:01 am asking where the file you promised that day is...(in a friendly accountable way, don’t worry).
Clearly Jefferson spends a considerable amount of time preparing for every coaching session.
I did 8 hours of coaching, but he easily must have spent 2-3 times that. Seriously, Jefferson is committed, loves what he does, and is relentless in his joy and effort to help you find the same meaning in your work.
— Andrew Tomasulo, Founder, ATOM Arts
I came into the coaching with frustrating and persistent anxiety surrounding approaching potential partners and clients. What I saw as lack of experience in selling and self-doubt hovered over me like a dark cloud.

Jefferson’s coaching pushed me to access the assets that I already had but didn’t realize were there. I realized that my “personality traits” could be used in a positive way to focus my attention on growing as a person and in my professional life.
I have become comfortable trusting myself and now exude more confidence when interacting with prospects and even my coworkers.

I used to be so defensive and assume that everyone was taking jabs at me personally, and through this process I have learned that most times it is an internal battle being projected outward onto others. This was a huge realization for me and I feel a heavy burden has been lifted.

In only 3 sessions the coaching process taught me that I already have what it takes perform at a higher level, it’s just a matter of recognizing my greater resources and using them to the fullest. Since our work together, I’ve garnered serious attention from two of our most prominent clients with large future contracts.

Jefferson’s ability to ask the questions that make you look inward and find what you didn’t know you already had, that is what really sets him apart! I wish everyone could benefit from this experience!
— Keli Wilson - Business Development Manager/Sales, Synergetic Service Corporation
Bob Clifford, President at Building Pros
“When I came into the coaching I was frustrated with how my reactiveness was getting the best of me in client relationships, and I was unclear about where my best efforts would generate the most revenue. If I wasn’t upset when things didn’t go as planned, I’d be running anxiety about what might go wrong in the future. These are things I took for granted before, I assumed this was how things were.

Exactly as promised, in the time frame promised, Jefferson handed me the tools to take control of my mindset and reactions. It’s incredible what we’re capable of as business owners. Work is fun again! I am sleeping better, and I can control my thoughts and recognize when my thoughts are controlling me. The coaching gave me the tools to not only to maintain balance and focus, control my own mindset, it allowed me to slow things down and choose differently.

By the end of the 3 months, my values were clear in my business, I prioritized my income streams, and I have a renewed drive and ideas that I’m already putting into play.”
— Robert Clifford, Founder, CaliforniaDesignBuild
Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 12.04.19 PM.png
Jefferson is masterful at providing a safe and supportive environment for facilitating personal transformational experiences through empowerment, inquiry, and co-creative processes. His capacity, integrity, and skill to hold, guide, and empower me to step into a fuller version of myself and life with such clarity and precision was extraordinary.

Through visioning, tasking, inquiry, and guided processes, I was able to shift out of a scarcity and victim mindset and embody a more expansive, nourished, and joyful way of being. I released deep, limiting, and conflicting thought patterns and behaviors which has resulted in consistent states of feeling balanced, integrated, and whole.

Prior to coaching I was overwhelmed with the abundance of my ‘to-do’ lists and felt powerless in my capacity to feel balanced and nourished. Through my work with Jefferson I became empowered and in control of how I spend and organize my time, and have learned new methods of calendaring, time blocking, and aligning my time with my values and priorities.

I was amazed that the specific outcomes that I defined in our initial session and the vision I created were actualized within the set timeframe of our coaching agreement. It is incredible to have experienced such deep and lasting change with such ease, grace, and in a short window of time.

As a result of the coaching and new habits, I move through my world knowing that I am in the driver’s seat of my life and that I am equipped with the tools and skills in which to keep refining, aligning, and embodying my authentic life path. Jefferson is a truly gifted healer, guide, and coach who is deeply sourced with medicine that is so needed in our world at this time.
— Cara Walsh, Director of Restorative Justice
I’ve had the privilege of working with Jefferson in both long-term and his current shorter-term coaching frameworks. Jefferson’s coaching gave me crucial support for becoming a better leader and manager of my business. The coaching and support I experienced played an integral part in successfully selling that business and launching a new one simultaneously!

The lessons and business growth I experienced are measurable and meaningful, but it’s in the area of personal development that I am most grateful to Jefferson. He has a true desire to empower people to succeed (if they want to!), as defined by the individual, and help create a clear roadmap for the future. I know more about myself today because of Jefferson and that has and will continue to help shape my business and personal life for many years to come. I’m looking forward to more targeted coaching opportunities with him in the future.
— Dan Karp, FounderKarpGroupRealty
Over coffee one day with Jefferson I got to talking about my public speaking fears and that I had been asked to present at a workshop in a few weeks and that I really wasn’t thrilled about it and that it would probably be my last one. Jefferson described NLP and how it might be used to improve my speech. That piqued my interest, so I scheduled a session with him.

What happened from the day I met with Jefferson to the day after my talk (two weeks) is best described as a delightful, unexpected introspective journey that changed my life.

The journey was far more than conquering my fears around public speaking. The tools that Jefferson taught me created space for more choice in parts of my life that I didn’t know was available. I played with the tools he gave me and used them in innovative ways that worked for me while Jefferson encouraged me to tailor them for my needs.

And how did the speech go? Was it great or close to perfect? My work with Jefferson made me realize, that question had always been the wrong question to ask and had always gotten in the way of giving good presentations. The better question was, “did I bring myself fully to the presentation, with my curiosity, creativity, energy, love, humor, honesty, respect while forgiving myself for my shortcomings, imperfections, and flaws?” The answer a resounding yes.

The work I did with Jefferson made this the easiest and most enjoyable presentation of my life.

— David Steinfeld, Soil Scientist, Revegetation Specialist and Youth Mentor
Sal Silvester, Sal Silvester, Owner of <a href=" " style="color:  #b78b20;">5.12 Solutions</a>, and Founder of <a href=""<a href="http://style="color: #B78B20; text-decoration: underline;">Coachmetrix</a>Owner of Coachmetrix
“The work I did with Jefferson in the Coaching process has made a dramatic impact on me personally and professionally. He challenged me to see how my choices were limiting my success and to make a shift toward creating a more sustainable business model that supports where I want to go in life. Of course this is an ongoing journey, but I have a clear vision of where I am going and systems in place to scale my business in a meaningful and positive way.”

— Sal Silvester, Owner of 5.12 Solutions, and Founder of Coachmetrix
Franklin Anderson Jr., President and CEO of M.O. Incorporated
“Jefferson is one of the most thought provoking, intuitive people I know. He has the ability to understand where you are mentally & emotionally in life & business. He uses this understanding to develop an engaging plan that will push you to the next level. He guides you on your journey by holding you accountable and being encouraging at all times. My experience with Jefferson has left me a much more organized, confident leader. He helped me see that your business is a direct reflection of yourself. By helping me become a better leader, he helped my company become a better company. I would recommend Jefferson to anyone that has a difficult time seeing the big picture of business and life in general. If you feel like your business is running you instead of you running your business, Jefferson will help you see the light.”
— Franklin Anderson Jr., President , M.O. Incorporated
“Before starting the coaching process, I had some old limiting beliefs that were affecting my ability to move fully into a future most serving of myself and others. The challenging tasking work and the processes he facilitated for me dissolved the old limiting beliefs and thrust me into my most rewarding future.
Working with Jefferson has been a powerful, enlightening and almost magical time for me. I’m inspired and attracted to his coaching skills and abilities in applying NLP, and the apparent simplicity of the processes in letting go of old limiting decisions and creating new beliefs and learnings.”
— Robert Weber, President Alliance of Generations
Wael A.png
“Working with Jefferson has been nothing short of miraculous for me. I arrived at his door steps carrying in me much confusion, fear and doubt. As business owner responsible for leading over 900 clients across various age groups, these challenges were affecting far more than just myself.

Jefferson helped me connect deeply with myself as a business owner, visionary and human. The issues I was facing were not to be solved by logical linear “scientific” approaches. There was nothing that had to be “ticked off”, “sorted” or “dealt with”. They lay in the unexplored places where I had to search, ordinate and embrace parts of myself that were costing me my sanity and the life of my business.

He helped me better navigate through the unknown and the challenges to where the source of the issues hid. Each session with him felt like a pocket of air that I didn’t even know I needed until after. His style is unique, ancient, modern, poetic and profound. Inside Start was not just the name of his practice, it was my initiation as a business owner in aligning my deeper purpose with the pragmatic elements of running the business.

I came to him not knowing what up was from down. There was much work to be done and I didn’t know if I could make it through or not. With great patience, care, challenge and encouragement in the coaching, I found my center. This now allows me to lead my team from a grounded, passionate place.

It’s a privilege to have worked with Jefferson. He lives from the center of his being and in so doing, helped me do the same for myself and all of the people my business impacts.”
— Wael AlSayegh, Owner, FMA Dubai Al Areen Martial Arts Training, LLC
“Working with Jefferson was a recurring opportunity to self-examine what I was doing, why I was doing it, and to discover opportunities to let go, reconfigure, add, or to reimagine. More than anything the lingering impact of his coaching is evident years later and, to my mind, speaks to the effectiveness of his ‘eyes and heart wide open’ approach to serving his clients.”
— Shawn Bernard, Founder, CentralMassRealEstate
Hands down one of the most transformative experiences I’ve ever had was getting coached by Jefferson.  His aptly named Inside Start program literally builds strength from within in order to effectively face the challenges of life and business from an empowered point of view.  He demonstrated an uncanny ability to quickly read the underlying issues that needed to be addressed and then focused on them with laser accuracy to get the major obstacles out of the way. From there he empowered me to find resources I didn’t know I had in myself to make the changes.

I experienced a paradigm shift in my perspective and learned that I am always in full control of my life regardless of the situation.  He helped me put structure to my days and I went from “winging it” and falling short on my goals as a result, to a much more structured approach where confidence stems from knowing that my days are well planned ahead of time and all in sync with my goals. 

Jefferson is extremely resourceful and repeatedly provided me with helpful recommended reading on the issues that matter.  He showed up to every single call very well prepared and showed genuine care for my development.  I couldn’t recommend him enough to anyone looking to get real results in turning his or her life around.
— Qais Sedki, Founder Founder Otaku Middle East Toys & Pageflip Publishing
Derek Sandt, President Synergetic Service Corp.
My savings account is healthy for the first time in years. My credit score is up a couple hundred points. My net worth is increasing, so is customer loyalty, profitability, work-flow consistency, employee growth, communication, order, predictability, faith, hope, clarity, and serenity.

Jefferson has a special ability to help those who dare dig deeper within themselves, face the scary questions, squirm through the embarrassing answers, envision something different, and take these first and subsequent shaky steps toward liberty.”
— Derek Sandt, President at Synergetic Service Corp.
Tim Iudicello, Cofounder and CEO of Botanie Soap Inc.
“I’m continually surprised by Jefferson’s ability to distill our coaching calls, to filter through my comments, even those that seem like tangents, and truly hear the themes at their core. His experience has given him a 50,000 ft view of the mosaic called Small Business Development Struggle and Success, and, from this perspective, he instantly knows where to place each color chunk I toss him. Our coaching calls are a process of focusing and re-focusing toward a big picture, and, over the past year, he’s helped me push through barriers to see, and also to act, from 30,000 ft. The transformation in my business - and in my ability to lead it - has been remarkable. In the past, I didn’t recognize the value in coaching, and now I don’t know why I waited so long.”
— Tim Iudicello, Cofounder and CEO of Botanie Soap Inc.
Ron Fatoullah Founder & CEO Fatoullah & Associates
“Jefferson is a terrific coach. He not only is instrumental in clarifying goals and setting the steps in motion to reach those goals, he also has an uncanny ability to recognize psychological intricacies of his clients that may be holding them back.”
— Ron Fatoullah, Founder & CEO at Fatoullah & Associates
Russ Hellem, Owner/CEO, Glo Windows
“The impact of working with Jefferson is difficult to capture in a few words. His way of engaging stretches me and encourages me to grow in areas I wasn’t even consciously aware of. One way he does this has been through a nuanced ability to find questions about the impacts of my limiting beliefs and behaviors. Exploring them and finding my own answers has inspired me to figure out what my roadblocks to growth are and work on changing that part of myself. He’s always respectful, even when bringing difficult questions that sometimes start out feeling awkward, but have led me toward true growth and change. I’ve become a better boss as a result, and relate to my employees with a more mature directness and care. One of the best results of his work with me is that I am more aligned with what I want my life to look and feel like, and I can see and experience now my relationship with the business and results supporting this kind of life. Interestingly enough, this was a primary goal when we began working together.”
— Russ Hellem, Owner/CEO at Glo Windows
John Bowen, CEO Media Concepts
“At a time where I had many things going on with my life, Jefferson was able to coach me through using his own unique style of care and understanding yet identifying excuses as he saw them. Jefferson changed the way I looked at things and took me away from being a technician and a cog in my business to being able to stand back, gain a better work life balance and enjoy being a business owner. I highly recommend him as a coach, and I hope will remain a friend. He firmly holds a vision of you succeeding as a more complete version of yourself, holding you accountable to your goals. If the content of what you’re doing day to day is detached, however good it may be it just won’t stick. Jefferson makes it stick by caring about you and the outcome you’re driven to achieve.”
— John Bowen, CEO at Media Concepts
Scott Fullbright, CEO at Living Ink Technologies
“After every coaching session with Jefferson we left the conversation more confident, calm and excited about our business/life. I highly recommend Jefferson for entrepreneurs who need help with vision, execution, building systems, or a neutral teammate to solve problems.”
— Scott Fullbright, CEO at Living Ink Technologies