How you relate to yourself has everything to do with how you relate to your business.


Coaching ROI

Coaching frees up tremendous amounts of misdirected or wasted energy that’s bound up in dysfunctional ways of relating to yourself, your health, time, choices, the environment you make and keep, as well as your relationships to employees, and people in all areas of your life.

Consider you simply cannot affect a relationship in one part of your life without it rippling to the others. You’re one person with one life, not a life and a business.

Coaching will show you how much your thinking and assumptions, even some of your strengths are directly blocking or blinding you from setting yourself, employees and the business up to succeed. As you confront and shift your mindset, you'll be working on clarifying where you want to go with strategic planning and implementing new self and time management practices. It's hard work, and will eventually allow you to step back from your current way of relating to your business or position to see the big picture. 

It will also interrupt, in a beneficial way what's happening in your communication with others, and relieve you from the false burden of having to know what's right. Most owners discover that what they think is happening or at cause for employee challenges is quite different from the actual cause, and begin to deeply understand the impact their words and actions have on people. When you can let go of assumptions, you can then begin to relate more transparently. The coaching will teach you how to become a coach to yourself, employees, and give you the tools and support to develop the managerial and leadership qualities that your people need from you to succeed.

It frees up energy through rebuilding habits and daily actions that become your personal discipline, as well as unlocking your innate ability to connect with people around differences, and speak open and honestly about shared conflicts to be able to work towards common goals.

One of most freeing is in gaining, or rather accepting the ability we all have to show up to a conversation not having to know the answer or be right all the time, and even more importantly engage people with an excitement around not knowing. That’s right, being a leader or purposefully directing your life doesn’t mean you have to know the answer first or always be right. You probably didn’t know that you already knew this…

The above relational foundation strengthens and sets up your strategic ability and the space for us to then work directly on the structural components of your business including:

  • Company vision, and personal value and purpose clarification
  • Develop management and operational structure, position clarity
  • Conducting company wide and ongoing 1:1 employee meetings authentically, with authenticity and collaborative conversations 
  • Hiring process innovation and development - Make it easy to launch, assess and find the right people
  • Brand Essence & Marketing Strategy - Move from adding transactions to building relationships built from being aligned with how your business makes the world a better place
  • Financial intelligence - Awaken your curiosity around the story behind the numbers and end the avoidance that's keeping you from making this relationship your best friend
  • How to develop and use systemization as a tool that you and your employees know how to effectively relate to, create, implement and revise

Here is a list of some initial (3-6 month) common coaching returns:

  • End the cycles of avoidance you’re running: Avoidance of new habits, avoidance of confronting employees, avoidance of blocking time, avoidance of having that tough conversation, avoidance of the truth that just might hurt.

  • Learning to see that the opposite of avoidance is not confrontation, it’s connection.

  • Get out of overwhelm

  • Partnership in waking up your natural accountability for keeping your word and going after what you say you want.

  • The ability to think in context around frustrations, approach it from the big picture - and get out of firefighting mode.

  • Accept and strengthen your style of leading.

  • Change and let go of patterns where you hold employees back. *There’s lots of ways we do this.

  • See and experience your life as one thing that’s in constant motion and doesn’t need to be in the elusive, 'state of balance.'

  • Get clear on what you’re trying to create, and learn to use that clarity to take practical actions on a daily, weekly, quarterly basis.

  • Increased understanding of your own psychology, and the stuck patterns that have kept you circling the wagons. The ability to help others do the same.

  • Naturally develop as a coach/mentor in your organization.

  • Gain real freedom through adapting and implementing a training mindset and habits.

  • Clarify expectations with new ways of communication, and simple systems that act as self motivators.

  • Help individuals access their innate intelligence in group settings with transparent and authentic communication, and leading while not needing to be right all the time.

  • The ability to get out of the way and make the company environment a place where people love showing up.

  • Increased efficiency, workflow and output of operations.

  • The ability to delegate and let go of holding it all together.

  • Stop fighting problems at the symptom level. Slow down, back up and look at your challenges from a bigger more inclusive perspective.

  • Reframing of limiting beliefs and perceptions to get access to more innate strength and energy, and a richer inner dialogue with yourself.

  • Clear distractive behaviors and other time wasting habits as you develop focus.

  • Conscious creation of new habits.

  • Realistic knowledge of how baby steps pave the way to the biggest of goals.

  • Tracking growth of desired traits and skills.