Killer Question or Question Killer?

Someone recently asked me, "Is it possible to truly get to a place where I don't have to be the one holding it all together?"

I responded with,"What exactly does it mean to not hold it all together...what does that look like?"

That's because the first question is actually a statement hiding out as a question, validating their hidden belief that it's an impossibility.

Real inquiry is not about rabidly looking for solutions. As important as that is in other ways, it can cripple getting to the bottom of what you're facing.
The process of inquiry is both ok with not knowing and seeks to continually find deeper questions and angles. It means you stay focused and fascinated with getting intimate with the details and nuance of the challenge or frustration.

A strong line of inquiry wants to get to the root of the issue, and won't settle for symptom solutions. 

Next time you find yourself asking a big question, take a moment and check in to see if it's truly a line of inquiry...or maybe just a statement in disguise?

Big questions can throw you off the trail, but they almost always offer an honest reflection of your limiting beliefs.