Salt Logic

You may have heard people say that it's not failure we fear, but reaching the success we desire. If you have this fear, I offer you a few moves. 

Define what failing on a grand scale would be in detail, and define what failing on a smaller scale, such as a daily scale looks like.

Define what success on a grand scale looks like in detail, and define what succeeding is today. 

The next move is to test how these definitions match your reality:
Each day for one week simply look at all that you've done, big and small, and see how many of the actions were failures and how many successes. A weekly log of progress speaks more honestly than a slippery conversation in your mind. 

Big insights can be crucial to helping shift your state of mind, yet the best insight is informed every moment by the resolute and brutally honest actions that make up an average day in the life of you, defined by you.

Fearing failure, is like fearing the rising sun, it's guaranteed.

If you want to 'catch your dreams', but struggle to make progress, first define your terms and then get close enough to put salt on the tail of your daily actions.