Cynicism: A prison guard of change.

Lock down.

A guaranteed closed loop. The movie Groundhog Day, everyday. 

At it's essence, cynicism is a distrust of other people's motives, and with wit masks anger and frustration in a cloak of humor. Top it all off with a powerlessness to do anything about it.

For some it's subtle, others a constant main course. Let's explore.


Cynicism doesn't ask questions.

Where does your cynicism come from? Where are the roots? Distrust in others is usually colored by rough experiences in the past, sometimes true or reasonable. But assuming the same for the future is a barrier against having a different experience. You end up expecting mediocrity and disappointment, and then getting it.

Do you know, feel, and trust your own motives? If you do, how do they inform how you show up with people? Have you clearly communicated, documented expectations for your employees and vendors? Do you support your employees to grow with training and management that cares? 

It's rare that a cynic will ask and be curious about how other people experience them. 

Trust is building a relationship over time, a two way street. It's making mistakes and learning from them along with successes. It's striving and operating from clear values that you've taken the time to define. If you've done this with yourself, then it can be done with others.

By being in touch with what it took to get there yourself, you're set up naturally to create room for other people to surprise you, delight you, exceed expectations, and develop real trust.


Death, Taxes, and Change...

...The only constants. Cynicism is a dam we build to resist change. After all change is often uncomfortable, and unreasonable in the face of our expectations. It leads us into new places in ourselves, and new ways of relating to people and situations.

It's a stretch to flip a switch and just stop being cynical, but you can choose to look at why, how, and all the places you are. Chances are it was reasonable for you to become that way in the past. Starting to explore that, along with why you responded to life that way is the key.

Your self-awareness and care will start the process of dissolving cynicism.