It's just not that big of a deal...

With so many vendors and service providers we use every day, is it possible you're accepting lousy, cynical service to avoid the hassle of finding someone who actually cares about what they're doing and how it affects you?

We recently switched our water service company due to the horrendous lack of communication from our previous provider. The last company without fail miscommunicated between the office and the driver every month. Promised delivery dates became finger pointing phone calls with the driver who was cynical about his dispatch. He actually put up a fight expecting us to just accept this as the way it was, and that he was "looking out" for us.

"Are you kidding me!? I have to work to make sure I get what you promised...every month. I pay you for a service, not to be a middle manager to get what I paid for. No thanks."

After 5 months of having to work to have our paid service happen, (which was too long in hindsight) we closed the account. Next, a phone call with the office who told us that they would refund our deposit, but only by check, in 6-8 weeks. So we marked that on our calendar.

No check 8 weeks later:  We called and spoke to another representative who said, "Yes, I see a credit here to your account. Would you like me to put it back on your card?"...

These types of transactions are tragically standard for many of us. We often accept what's given, because of the 'hassle' to find a better experience. Where are you accepting this kind of service? How many of your vendors, while good people, engage this way with your business? What's the toll it takes on not only your bottom line, but your employees that deal with them?

While you may not have consciously shaken hands with a cynical business owner or vendor, you might be welcoming the real effects into your culture.

Cynicism breeds more cynicism, details become frivolous, and expectations drop. Don't accept less than what you know is great service. Making the time and effort to be clear about your expectations, and finding service providers that deliver on their promise will not only make logistics smoother, but support the employees that interact with them to also deliver to higher standards.