More than you asked for.

Selling still has the reputation of being awful, harsh, pushy, and many owners loath the act. After all, we've been conditioned to expect that. 

If you orient to finding out what people need and why, sales becomes a cumulative conversation, and a lasting relationship because it moves from your values - to customers needs.

Why don't they just try the damn thing!

The owner of a startup launched her subscription product and is slowly building a following. Conversations with people who've heard the buzz have them asking her questions like, "How's business?", and "Are you selling a lot?", "How are people liking it?"

She said to me, "I want to yell at them, just buy one and see for yourself!"

In sales, curiosity is gold. If someone wants to know anything about you or your business, that's an opportunity for you to get curious about them, and find out what they need, what they're looking for and why.

So we took those questions, and turned them around. 

Now when she's asked: "Are you selling a lot?" She replies, yes, more every week, do you know what's included?" or "How's business?" Ramping up, it's wonderful getting to know my customers, what would you like to see in this kind of product?" and "How are people liking it?" -They're loving it, it reduces their time, and makes the process fun! Is that something you could use?

Selling is a clear and committed offering to those who have a need you can meet and exceed; a relationship that ends in an opening, not a close.