How slowing down creates more velocity


Where did the saying 'running a business' come from? It insinuates speed, you're running right. If you're doing this well, you have managers to inform, and employees to set in motion; you're no stranger to getting things done. The greater the growth, the more there is to do. 

Quick Nick.

I just finished a conversation with a small business owner whose moniker as a technician was "Quick Nick". His skill and expertise allowed him to fly through work while maintaining high standards. After our initial conversation, and a few months of making time in the early morning to strategize and think about his business and prioritize, before his children were awake, he told me that now while at work he's gets things done even faster! 

Context as Medicine.

Here's why... What happened for him is that by regularly and intentionally making the space to think and plan contextually the day's events or the week's trajectory, he's stretched out of the singular focus that the technician's mindset favors. He is literally practicing "getting bigger" than the doing of things and tasks, into why those tasks are done, and how to do them more efficiently, all the while deliberately serving a bigger purpose. 

Deliberate Yourself.

If you look up the definition of deliberation, you find a key element of the main mechanism that has allowed Nick to end up working with even more velocity. It didn't come overnight, but it came, slowly, steadily, after long and careful consideration.

Your time, your choices.

While we each have strengths and weaknesses to consider and work with, exercising your ability to see and access a bigger picture, or how smaller things work within a bigger framework will overtime make you a more efficient and effective leader and manager, and if you're also doing technical work, it can speed that up too!

A leader's ability to execute swiftly in large part comes from cultivating this practice, day by day. Not easy, but that simple.