When there's change, there's loss

How do you know if you've changed?

Let's go in a different door than what's typically focused on, that change = gain.

When I became a sole proprietor after being an employee for a few years, some of my old ways of relating to work started to show up as obstacles to what I wanted for my practice. Time became more expansive, and more expensive. The relationship of 'owning' every action and relationship became starker. At the end of the day, I was left with how my current choices were directly reinforcing all of my outcomes. 

A part of change that's difficult to anticipate is that you lose a part of who you are-who you were, that's no longer serving your life in the best possible way, but nonetheless, has been part of your overall character makeup.  Why though, is because you make a choice to be different, and to have a different relationship with your work and ultimately your life, and bear all the consequences.

Somewhere inside each of us there may be a grievance for that lost part of ourselves, even if it was not in our 'best' interest. This self discovery is part of being square with reality, and shows us each uniquely how and where we've changed.