Overusing your big brain in your business?

As business owners, we generally can hold massive amounts of information in our heads. From meetings to marketing strategies, to entire strategic plans, or simply how things are done right. I've found that this is often an over-reliance on a precious resource of mental bandwidth, and can be crippling in driving overwhelm. 

Of course it's reasonable. It's part of what got you to where you are today. Most business owners I know hover close to a mental critical mass, but don't even 'know' it.

If you're not getting your standards and ideas out of your head and captured with some tool, chances are you're over-relying on yourself to hold it all together.  This will ensure that you don't move yourself 'up' the operational ladder to engage in more strategic work.

Even an email to an employee to engage their thinking around an issue or problem is this in action. 

Next time you have a moment to look around, look inside the filing cabinet in your head for items that can be captured, stored, or shared and delegated. 

 Just because you've got it, doesn't mean you should always be running it at full capacity.