Define Trying

Trying to grow, to innovate? 

Trying to manage, to change? 

There’s something so elusive about trying.  

It’s a lot like having good intentions, you mean well, but something is in the way.

The old adage says: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” 

Let’s face it, trying is an excuse for what’s not actually happening, and what we’re not really committed to.  Chances are that deep down there just isn’t a connection to what’s truly meaningful, or we’re trying to be or do something that just isn’t square with who we really are.

Growth happens best when there are conditions for health, in a person or a business.

Innovation is a natural extension of care and passion for something meaningful.

Managing is a relationship of thousands of choices you first make and take responsibility for with yourself.  Change is the result, not something to strive for.

What if it’s not trying that moves us forward, but a commitment to be the realest and most committed versions of ourselves?