Franklin Anderson Jr., President and CEO of M.O. Incorporated
“Jefferson is one of the most thought provoking, intuitive people I know. He has the ability to understand where you are mentally & emotionally in life & business. He uses this understanding to develop an engaging plan that will push you to the next level. He guides you on your journey by holding you accountable and being encouraging at all times. My experience with Jefferson has left me a much more organized, confident leader. He helped me see that your business is a direct reflection of yourself. By helping me become a better leader, he helped my company become a better company. I would recommend Jefferson to anyone that has a difficult time seeing the big picture of business and life in general. If you feel like your business is running you instead of you running your business, Jefferson will help you see the light.”
— Franklin Anderson Jr., President and CEO at M.O. Incorporated
Amanda Sutt, CEO Rock Paper Scissors and Business Coach
“For as tough as the coaching process can be on me as a business owner to ‘dig deeper’, I look forward to our calls with Jefferson. He always asks the hard questions that make you uncomfortable, but the questions come from a place of integrity so I can build a better me and a better business in a place without judgement. Not only did he guide me to save our business, but I also was able to save myself, and for that, I will be forever grateful.”
— Amanda Sutt, CEO at Rock Paper Scissors and EMyth Certified Business Coach
Derek Sandt, President Synergetic Service Corp.
My savings account is healthy for the first time in years. My credit score is up a couple hundred points. My net worth is increasing, so is customer loyalty, profitability, work-flow consistency, employee growth, communication, order, predictability, faith, hope, clarity, and serenity.

I’m a survivor - I would have survived - but I don’t think that Synergetic would still be in business if I had not come into coaching with Jefferson at the time I did. I am a better person for having persevered...and maybe that makes the world a little better.

Lots of lines cross between the things that we want to confine to the realms of business and personal when a human as thoughtful and confused as I am tries to create and build a for-profit business out of an interest or aptitude. Jefferson stood perfectly balanced, watching that line, in exactly the way I needed as I worked through some, let’s say deeply challenging times; and he did it quite intuitively. His empathy and respectfulness are powerful onion-peelers.

Jefferson has a special ability to help those who dare dig deeper within themselves, face the scary questions, squirm through the embarrassing answers, envision something different, and take these first and subsequent shaky steps toward liberty.”
— Derek Sandt, President at Synergetic Service Corp.
Tim Iudicello, Cofounder and CEO of Botanie Soap Inc.
“I’m continually surprised by Jefferson’s ability to distill our coaching calls, to filter through my comments, even those that seem like tangents, and truly hear the themes at their core. His experience has given him a 50,000 ft view of the mosaic called Small Business Development Struggle and Success, and, from this perspective, he instantly knows where to place each color chunk I toss him. Our coaching calls are a process of focusing and re-focusing toward a big picture, and, over the past year, he’s helped me push through barriers to see, and also to act, from 30,000 ft. The transformation in my business - and in my ability to lead it - has been remarkable. In the past, I didn’t recognize the value in coaching, and now I don’t know why I waited so long.”
— Tim Iudicello, Cofounder and CEO of Botanie Soap Inc.
Kristina Rasmussen, Founder Avocado Lu
“Jefferson can build bridges over unsurmountable cliffs, or help you out of the deepest hole, and he always finds the right words to help you move forward. He has helped me to bring the needed structure to my company. His coaching has helped me build a strong foundation for employees and systems, and his regular advice has helped me move the company forward. The insights he’s brought have translated into real solutions for the everyday problems and decisions I face as CEO. After nearly 4 years of coaching, I still learn something new with every session. I’ve matured and become a better person and leader throughout the process!”
— Kristina Rasmussen, Founder of Avocado Lu
Sal Silvester, Owner of Coachmetrix
“The work I did with Jefferson in the Coaching process over the past 14 months has made a dramatic impact on me personally and professionally. He challenged me to see how my choices were limiting my success and to make a shift toward creating a more sustainable business model that supports where I want to go in life. Of course this is an ongoing journey, but I have a clear vision of where I am going and systems in place to scale my business in a meaningful and positive way.”
— Sal Silvester, Owner of 5.12 Solutions, and Founder of Coachmetrix
Ron Fatoullah Founder & CEO Fatoullah & Associates
“Jefferson is a terrific coach. He not only is instrumental in clarifying goals and setting the steps in motion to reach those goals, he also has an uncanny ability to recognize psychological intricacies of his clients that may be holding them back.”
— Ron Fatoullah, Founder & CEO at Fatoullah & Associates
Russ Hellem, Owner/CEO, Glo Windows
“The impact of working with Jefferson for over 2 years is difficult to capture in a few words. His way of engaging stretches me and encourages me to grow in areas I wasn’t even consciously aware of. One way he does this has been through a nuanced ability to find questions about the impacts of my limiting beliefs and behaviors. Exploring them and finding my own answers has inspired me to figure out what my roadblocks to growth are and work on changing that part of myself. He’s always respectful, even when bringing difficult questions that sometimes start out feeling awkward, but have led me toward true growth and change. I’ve become a better boss as a result, and relate to my employees with a more mature directness and care. One of the best results of his work with me is that I am more aligned with what I want my life to look and feel like, and I can see and experience now my relationship with the business and results supporting this kind of life. Interestingly enough, this was a primary goal when we began working together.”
— Russ Hellem, Owner/CEO at Glo Windows
John Bowen, CEO Media Concepts
“At a time where I had many things going on with my life, Jefferson was able to coach me through using his own unique style of care and understanding yet identifying excuses as he saw them. Jefferson changed the way I looked at things and took me away from being a technician and a cog in my business to being able to stand back, gain a better work life balance and enjoy being a business owner. After two years Jefferson’s way of looking at life has become so much part of my own being that I find myself using his pearls of wisdom with others. I highly recommend him as a coach, and I hope will remain a friend. He makes you want to do things differently, he makes you want to succeed, and that in a nutshell is what’s great about him as a coach. If the content of what you’re doing is detached, however good it may be it just won’t stick. Jefferson makes it stick by caring about you and the outcome.”
— John Bowen, CEO at Media Concepts
Scott Fullbright, CEO at Living Ink Technologies
“After every coaching session with Jefferson we left the conversation more confident, calm and excited about our business/life. I highly recommend Jefferson for entrepreneurs who need help with vision, execution, building systems, or a neutral teammate to solve problems.”
— Scott Fullbright, CEO at Living Ink Technologies
Bob Clifford, President at Building Pros
“If you are looking for a coach that gives 110%, Jefferson is the man. He was a pleasure to work with and helped me and my business partner through some rough times. Jefferson can read a situation and help you articulate for yourself the right thing to say, write or do for a solution to a problem. I highly recommend him!”
— Bob Clifford, President at Building Pros